At Mr Shiny Mechanical, we take your safety very seriously and do so much more than just an oil and filter change. Our standard service includes:

  • Road test vehicle
  • Perform gearing, transmission, braking, driveline and steering operation testing
  • Check cabin filter, air filter, fuel filter
  • Check all fluid levels – brake, clutch hydraulic, power steering, front and rear diff oil, gear box and transfer case oil
  • Check radiator and heater hoses, steering and power steering hoses
  • Check condition of engine mounts, CV boots, suspension
  • Check exhaust system, underbody for rust/damage
  • Check tail shaft universal joints and grease
  • Check fan belt tension and condition
  • Test battery, inspect terminals, check water level
  • Check windscreen washer bottle, blades and wiper operation
  • Check all lights and warning devices
  • Inspect tyre condition, check tyre pressures and rotate

standard service